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Q/A with 2022 four-star Anthony Black

Tell me about where you grew up.

I was born in Fort Worth then moved to Coppell. It’s a pretty small town but sports tradition is big here.

Was basketball always a priority in your household? Who put the ball in your hands?

Yes it was always a priority in my house. My dad really got me into the game of basketball early on.

Any family members/relatives that played college/pro sports?

My dad played college at Baylor and is in the hall of fame there, and went overseas to play after, and my mom played soccer at Baylor.

Describe your game in a sentence or two.

I describe myself as a playmaker who can get down hill to the rim and find my open teammates.

What does the game of basketball mean to you? In other words, why does it mean so much to you?

It means a lot to me because it was my first love, and I love playing it and working to get better at it.

How do you feel about your current ranking?

I feel like my rankings a little low right now considering the way I played when I played against players ranked higher than me, but it’s also good because it keeps my humble and working hard.

Tell me your general thoughts on rankings. Do they matter? If so, how much do they matter in the whole scheme of things?

Rankings matter a little bit, but I feel like what really matters is getting recruited by schools and developing your game.

Do you have a current list of schools you’re focused on?

Right now no, I don’t have a list but hopefully soon I will start creating my list.

What schools reach out to you the most?

The schools that reach out to me the most is probably Texas, Texas Tech, and Baylor.

During the recruiting process, does it make a difference how often the head coach reaches out to you (texts/calls)? Does it make you feel that much of a priority?

Yes I feel like it matters because it shows that you’re high on their priority list and not just one of the assistants is recruiting you.

What advice would you give to a college coach in order to do an effective way of recruiting you in the “COVID era”? Any tips or pointers for them to stand out amongst all the other coaches in your phone?

Just stay in touch and call and Facetime a lot since we won’t get to see each other probably before we have to commit.

Do you have someone to guide you through the recruiting process and show you the ropes? If so, who is that person and what advice have they given you?

Build relationships with coaches no matter where they are because they could end up at a school you want to go.

Have you talked with anyone else on your class about possibly forming a package deal in college?

Me and Keyonte George talk a lot about playing together in college if we get the chance.

What schools have you visited so far, either unofficially, officially or virtually?

I’ve visited A&M, TCU, and Baylor before the visits got shut down.

Name a few schools that aren’t recruiting you at all, that you would like to receive an offer from sometime in the future.

Arizona, Arizona State.

Is building a stacked recruiting class, and bringing top talent in with you a priority?

It’s not a huge priority, I’d rather go somewhere that fits me the most.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

No I didn’t have a dream school really, I just grew up a Baylor and Texas fan because of my family.

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