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Q/A with 2022 four-star Otega Oweh

Tell me about where you grew up.

I grew up in a small town where everybody knows each other, and nobody really makes a name for themselves.

Was basketball always a priority in your household? Who put the ball in your hands?

Education was always the priority growing up then it was sports. I played football, and soccer but I always preferred basketball.

When did you start taking the sport seriously?

I started playing more competitive basketball when I was in 7 grade.

Any family members/relatives that played college/pro sports?

Both my brothers are the first generation to play collegiate sports. My older brother plays basketball at St. Thomas Aquinas, and my other brother played football at Penn State.

Describe your game in a sentence or two.

I would describe my game as very versatile, a very unselfish player, and I have a very competitive nature.

What does the game of basketball mean to you? In other words, why does it mean so much to you?

The game of basketball means the world to me because growing up it always kept me out of trouble, so once I realized that I could really do something with this sport I started to really lock in.

How do you feel about your current ranking?

When I saw my ranking I wasn’t upset because that doesn’t reflect my basketball ability or skill.

Tell me your general thoughts on rankings. Do they matter? If so, how much do they matter in the whole scheme of things?

Rankings don’t have that great of an influence on me at all, because they’re just someone else’s opinion who isn’t on the court with you.

Do you have a current list of schools you’re focused on?

No I haven’t started to narrow my schools down.

What schools reach out to you the most?

The schools who are in contact with me the most are UConn, Georgia, Providence, Georgetown, Seton Hall, And George Washington.

During the recruiting process, does it make a difference how often the head coach reaches out to you (texts/calls)? Does it make you feel that much of a priority?

Yes it does make a difference, it shows that the school is really interested.

What advice would you give to a college coach in order to do an effective way of recruiting you in the “COVID era”? Any tips or pointers for them to stand out amongst all the other coaches in your phone?

I would just say that they should continue to check in on their recruits during these trying times.

Do you have someone to guide you through the recruiting process and show you the ropes? If so, who is that person and what advice have they given you?

I have my parents, my aau coaches, and high school coaches guiding me throughout the process. Individually and collectively they just encourage me to continue to better my skills and work hard and not to get caught up in offers but continue to work hard.

What is something you’ve already learned about the recruiting process that you would share with a younger brother/teammate?

I would advise them to enjoy the process because it’s a blessing to be able to go through. And overall it’s a great process and experience.

What schools have you visited so far, either unofficially, officially or virtually?

I only had the opportunity to visit GW last year due to the pandemic. I haven't done any virtual visits yet.

Are there any schools that are currently recruiting you that have not yet offered that you expect to offer you sometime in the near future?

Georgia and Providence.

Name a few schools that aren’t recruiting you at all, that you would like to receive an offer from sometime in the future.

Receiving an offer from any school would be great because it’s letting me know that they want me to be apart of their program, so I’m open to receive offers from any school.

Is building a stacked recruiting class, and bringing top talent in with you a priority?

I would like to go to a school that has a good rotation, but it is not a priority for me to have a stacked recruiting class.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

Not really, I’ve always had the dream to play at that high collegiate level.

Let’s flash forward a few years. You get your first NBA paycheck. What’s the first three things you buy?

The first three things I’ll buy is a new place for my parents and sister, a personal live-in chef for my parents. And to start up a business in Nigeria

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