• Joseph Tipton

Q/A with 2022 four-star Ramel Lloyd Jr.

Tell me about where you grew up.

I grew up in Long Beach, California. A nice chill place, big city, lots of celebrities from there like Snoop Dogg, Cameron Diaz, etc.

Was basketball always a priority in your household? Who put the ball in your hands?

I grew up around basketball because my dad played at Syracuse and Long Beach State then played pro for 15 years.

When did you start taking the sport seriously?

8 years old.

Describe your game in a sentence or two.

Big, scoring guard.

What does the game of basketball mean to you? In other words, why does it mean so much to you?

It means everything to me, it's pretty much my life.

How do you feel about your current ranking?

Too low, but I gotta put the work in to get it up.

Tell me your general thoughts on rankings. Do they matter? If so, how much do they matter in the whole scheme of things?

Rankings matter in some aspects because they can make your path easier to college and the league but they're not everything and you can still make it without being tops.

Do you have a current list of schools you’re focused on?

Top 8: Washington, Illinois, Arkansas, Baylor, Oregon, Nebraska, Rutgers, Arizona

During the recruiting process, does it make a difference how often the head coach reaches out to you (texts/calls)? Does it make you feel that much of a priority?

Yes, it definitely helps if they check in often but a lot of the assistants are great.

What advice would you give to a college coach in order to do an effective way of recruiting you in the “COVID era”? Any tips or pointers for them to stand out amongst all the other coaches in your phone?

Just keep close contact and talk hoops with me.

Do you have someone to guide you through the recruiting process and show you the ropes? If so, who is that person and what advice have they given you?

My dad, we make all the decisions together including my soon to come commitment.

What is something you’ve already learned about the recruiting process that you would share with a younger brother/teammate?

Don’t let it get to your head and keep working.

What schools have you visited so far, either unofficially, officially or virtually?

Unofficial only to Arizona and San Diego State since COVID messed up this year, and virtually Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Illinois, Oregon.

Name a few schools that aren’t recruiting you at all, that you would like to receive an offer from sometime in the future.

Kentucky and Texas.

Is building a stacked recruiting class, and bringing top talent in with you a priority?


Did you have a dream school growing up?

Kentucky and Oregon.

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